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Kids of the Kingdom Christian Preschool

Our curriculum centers around themes that set the stage for learning through experiences in play, art, stories, movement, sensory, indoor and outdoor play, and much more. Our students grow in their knowledge socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, spiritually.

Social & Emotional Growth

Learning to be part of a class and to be a good friend is one of the primary tasks of preschoolers. Learning these skills now prepares students for success in the future. Beginning in our Toddler’s Parent/Child class and growing each year to our Pre-K class, our students learn the skills, language, and heart of healthy and appropriate social and emotional skills through stories, activities, and daily practice as they interact with their peers and teachers.

Physical Growth

Students daily engage in activities and play that develop both their fine-motor and gross-motor skills. From playing with play dough, exploring sensory bins, art activities with paint and glue, cutting with scissors, outdoor play and more, children build their physical strength. When children graduate to elementary school, most can write their names, use scissor properly to cut out shapes, and use glue and glitter correctly.

Language Growth

The ability to understand what is being communicated and to express thoughts, verbalize needs, ask questions, and engage with friends are important life-long skills. Our students are given daily experiences that grow their language skills and our teachers focus on teaching them the vocabulary for healthy communication with both adults and peers.

Cognitive Growth

We begin in our Toddler Parent/Child class by exposing children to letters, numbers, colors, and basic concepts through play. We expand on these experiences in our 3’s class where they learn their letters and sounds, recognize numbers 1-10, count 1-20, begin to write their name, know basic shapes, understand concepts like size, sequencing, memory, patterns, and begin to learn basic phonemic skills like beginning sounds. In our Pre-K class, children master knowing their letters, the letter sounds, and writing their names. They also begin to rhyme and count syllables. The children also practice counting 1-30, number recognition 1-20, and build upon their knowledge in other math concepts such as size, patterns, and measurement.

Spiritual Growth

Our students grow in their knowledge of God’s love for them through our monthly character word, Bible verse, and weekly Bible lessons in the classroom. We learn to talk to God through prayer throughout our day and to respect and value God’s beautiful world. Our Pre-K class attends weekly chapel time with our Pastor where they hear a mini message on our weekly Bible story.